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SW Engineer – Cloud, for PERI Gmbh’s R&D Hub in Gothenburg

About the job

We are the tiny-big company; with a start-up mentality and where every engineer can add to the functional requirements as long it can be motivated. We are backed by a large corporation and release products on an international scale and market. With us, you will learn new programming paradigms and frameworks.
But for now, you describe yourself as SW Engineer that’s specialized within Cloud.

About the Company:
Historically, Vema Venturi AB’s operations can be summarized as technical consultancy in the areas of modern concrete technology, electronics and information technology.
We develop and provide technical solutions for the manufacturing industry and construction contractors. Our own products include equipment for temperature and moisture measurement in concrete. Vema Venturi contributes creative solutions in the development phase in terms of both manufacturing technology and production adaptation and serves as a sparring partner in manufacturing methodology, evaluation of technical solutions and financial optimization of existing designs. Since 2018, Vema Venturi AB is owned by PERI GmbH, Weissenhorn, Germany.
PERI was founded in 1969 by Artur Schwörer and is today one of the world’s largest manufacturers of mold and scaffolding systems. It is a family-owned group headquartered in Weissenhorn, Germany. Today there are more than 70 subsidiaries and 140 logistics centers strategically located around the world. The Group has over 8700 employees and a turnover of just over SEK 14.80 billion.
Vema Venturi AB is a strategic development center that focuses on research and development of tomorrow’s technical solutions in IT and IoT.

More about the job:
You will be part of a cross-engineering R&D of selected engineers that develops IoT products with very specific use cases. Our products offer construction engineering an optimized approach to certain type of construction problems and pulls knowledge from both the private sector as well as academic.

You will be working closely with the engineers that designed the circuit boards of the devices that collects the metrics that are channeled through our own IoT system into the web service. The Web Portal and the Web Services is where you and fellow developers will be implementing as well as designing in terms of architecture. This will be your role to begin with – web services and the visual representation of them, but not mainly focused on web development as a product itself.
You will be laying the foundations of systems that need to be able to replicate, scale and be forked into different regions, use cases and situations. The code you write must be self-documenting as far as possible. You are the link between the actual user and their IoT-devices. You turn the data into something meaningful – which could sometime mean implementing mathematical formulas that uses collected data to represent physical events.
Moreover, you will enter the world of IoT if you never have done so before. There might a chance that you will touch Machine Learning and Big Data. You will work with container-orchestration and work with topics that are really in the center of most groundbreaking paradigm shifts in this IT-era.

Your profile:
You live and breathe REST APIs!

You can handle CSS and JavaScript well, but you rely on frameworks such as
React JS to create clients for RESTful APIs.
You like to use and develop advanced DevOps tools in order to reduce technical debt, reduce need for manual Q/A as well as automate development processes and you believe in learning from your fellow developer. You also believe in testing and you understand the concept of mission critical, high-availability and fault-tolerant distributed systems. Furthermore, you understand the idea of blocking tests and you’re comfortable with code reviewing of your own as well as others code.

You are well versed in working with web services and web applications.
Most importantly: You have noticed how the new Internet infrastructure will look like – containerized web services with orchestration using Kubernetes and similar technologies and you know where Kubernetes has its roots even though you maybe never used it.
You can explain why the Internet is constantly moving towards more distributed, less monolithic and higher levels of abstractions. Also, you’re versatile and have good understanding of the protocols that make up the Internet as well as experience in both imperative and functional programming languages.
You are a person used to very-high-level programming languages and abstractions.
You understand the depth of commitment needed to develop code that’s maintainable.

We are looking for someone that can implement functional tools with intuitive UX for other engineers and system.

Your skill set:
You have:
• At least a B.Sc. in Computer Science or equivalent.
• Micro-services and REST architectures.
• Understanding and actual development.
• Ability to visualize with JavaScript frameworks, metrics such as temperature over time.
• Understanding the link between UX and IoT and ability to create dashboard that shows information drawn from REST APIs.
• JSON, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java is a must.
• Ability to create your own web application from scratch.

Big plus experiences:
• React JS (or similar modern SPA framework)
• Kotlin (or other JVM-targeting language)
• Some scripting language (e.g. Python)
• Git and more advanced DevOps.

You will be the go-to-guy for front-end implementation but you will still create and work with web services since our product is not for private consumers but for construction and their engineers – UX is important but your JavaScript understanding is far more important than “Photoshop-knowledge”.

In this recruitment we work with Dreamwork.
You apply by registering your resume on Dreamworks website,
Selections and interviews may be ongoing. Therefore, apply for the service today!
Please note that they are not able to handle applications that are received by email.
If you have any questions about the job or recruitment process, you are welcome to contact recruitment consultant Petra Axvigg – email:

Vema Venturi AB
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